It All Started With A Trip To The Skin Clinic.

 I've always been big on not putting anything on my body that I wouldn't put IN my body.

This has made me struggle when it came to my skincare for as long as I can remember. I wanted a product that was 100% Natural but also powerful enough to actually do something. Almost all the big brands in high street stores had all these amazing 'miracle' claims but when I actually researched the never ending, confusing ingredients, it turned out to be nothing more than glorified... well water! 

So I began tirelessly researching the best natural ingredients to look for in skincare products, their benefits & the quantities needed to actually be beneficial. After 12 months, I took the plunge and decided to begin formulating my own products for my skin. I paired these new formulations with my love & knowledge of crystals, which have been used for thousands of years in skincare regimes.

Friends quickly began asking me what products I was using, and were always telling me how my skin suddenly was glowing all the time.

However, my big moment came about a year later at a trip to my annual skin checkup. At the end of my appointment, the Dermatologist turned to me and said

'I don't want to sound rude, but what products do you use on your face?' 

I immediately began to panic and thought to myself

'Oh no! They're my own formulations what's happened!' I told him and he looked at me with the most puzzled expression.

'You have almost 0 sun damage on your face & without sounding rude, your 

skins elasticity is much younger than you!'

The cheek I thought! But I also then knew I was on to something with my formulations.

I began sharing products with friends & family, and from there Nothing Nasty as it is today was born.

My promise to you is to always keep things natural & transparent.


100% Natural & Transparent Formulas - Infused With Natural Crystals - Formulated by us, for you.


Natural, Crystal Infused Skincare For Your Skin, Mind & Soul ✨


We're all about everything Natural & Transparent here at Nothing Nasty. That's why every product we make is formulated by us, bottled by us & packed by us, in house. 

We don't mess around with any artificial ingredients or preservatives either, just the best of nature crammed into a little glass bottled filled with skincare goodness. Infused with natural crystals to leave you and your skin feeling fabulous on the daily.